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1. Your Preferencies

Tell us what you like

What are the things you are excited to do? Are your interests related to archaeology, and museums, or to wine and food, or contemporary culture and the local way of life? If you’re part of a group, do you have any kids with you or is it just seniors? Are you traveling alone or with any of your beloved friends, family, or person?

2. How long

How much time you’d like to spend exploring.

Do you have a few hours, a day, more than that? Do you want to tour just Athens, or would you like to see other places, too? What’s your budget?

wine tour in greece

Transportation in Athens

3. Schedule

We’ll get started planning a customized program for you.

We adore being imaginative, we know Athens by heart, and we can place together a tour route better than anyone else. Within 48 hours, we’ll send you the personalized itinerary we’ve come up with, considering all the information you gave us.



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